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We are all animals. All life survives and thrives in a balance that is resilient and diverse. Our food choices create the most significant and tangible impact on all life as we know it, plants and animals. We therefore operate from a foundation of compassion and social and ecological justice. We aim to reduce suffering while bringing the community together in joy with a practice we all take part in every day, eating! We make delicious, nutrient dense dishes for people with any diet by serving an array of organic whole plant foods as a means to increase our healing impact on the lives of everyone we share this existence with, present and future. This includes the waste we produce which is why we strive for plastic free and use only plant based dishes and cutlery.



All ingredients are sourced from organic plant growers and distributors. All produce is sourced from the Cascadian bioregion save for avocados, bananas, and citrus. We buy ingredients in bulk to reduce our consumption, therefore demand, for petroleum plastic waste. We strive for minimal waste by making all of our recipes from scratch. Our syrup, oil, and tofu all come in containers that are returnable to the distributor. Our dried herbs and spices come in bags that are also returned to the distributor for reuse. All produce comes in recyclable boxes, not plastic bags.



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